The Art.

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Contact me for more information or pricing on  original paintings on this site's inquiry form or directly at . You can view my current work under "Original Art" above.


The Painting

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Painting intuitively is the best part of me. It is the whole me and true me. Its soul work. It’s my healthiest mode of expression and how i process life’s difficulties and life’s deep joys too. It’s like breathing the good air, in a world that i feel allergic to most days.

Painting expressively feels vulnerable, yes, but it  feels wildly  authentic too. I paint expressively ….what I feel and see, hear and generally sense. It feels natural coming out….. If I forced it, i would be abandoning myself and that would be counter productive to the soul work and need for expression that painting is to me.  


The Process

 I work through a painting where I feel like something inside me shifted or released. Where I overcame an obstacle in a painting perhaps. This contentment is great gain and carries over to the rest of my life. Satisfaction is the inner work of expression successfully making it outside and onto the canvas.  Painting Intuitively creates a spacious place for my whole self to move about…..The world feels bigger and more abundant.