The Art


The Art   (Navigating Expression)

I am ten years into my ever evolving Art practice and  I love knowing that abstract painting is the medium and process that I find myself best expressed in. It is essential to my own wellness and helps me to reach inward and navigate outwardly. I attempt to execute my paintings in a way that invites the viewer into the process so that they too, can connect and respond to the work.

The Teaching

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The Teaching    (Navigating The Canvas)

My goal in teaching is to meet people where they are and guide their practice into soulful expression. It is an authentic extension of what I am doing in my own practice and ever evolving. I want to make a difference and offer others a way to navigate life’s highs and lows by way of art, specifically Abstract Acrylic Painting.


The Healing

The Healing   (Navigating Humanity)

Choosing a creative practice promotes mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. This process inspires self awareness and connection to our world and for me,  the Creator.  From this awareness, to the fascinating growing information concerning Art in the Brain Sciences, I believe there are valuable, and even fun tools for healing in our culture today..